Zign Track 2: powerful real-time motion capture

Zign Track Pro is the fastest and easiest way to create professional facial motion capture in real-time at your home or studio, using DV, HDV or web cameras.

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Zign Cam SDmax, wireless face camera

The Zign Cam SDmax is developed to give the motion capture actor more freedom to move and act, while simultaneously capturing the facial footage.

Spring time discount: Complete MoCap package
Advanced software, designed for your business

Zign Creations develops software to fit your needs. Video editing, 3D, mobile and web applications, nothing is too much. Get in touch with us to get your ideas working.

Spring time discount: Complete MoCap package
It's all about graphics

The digital world revolves around graphics, and so does Zign Creations. We make 3D art, animations, interface designs and more.

Spring time discount: Complete MoCap package

Zign Track Pro: Facial Motion Capture at it’s best

Zign Track Pro is the perfect facial motion capture solution for professionals. Capture and stream in real-time, from your desktop or studio. Use any kind of camera, from web camera to professional HDV cameras or head mounted cameras.

Check out the all of the features now.

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Are you ready to get started with a complete setup? Get the Zign Cam SDmax, Zign Track Pro, markers and glue for a discount price.