Zign Track Pro
Zign Track Pro

Zign Track Pro is the fastest and easiest way to create professional facial motion capture in real-time at your home or studio, using DV, HDV or web cameras.

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Professional performance & quick to set up

Motion capture with Zign Track Pro does not require any special skills or expensive equipment. You can use any webcam, DV or HDV camera, connect it to your computer and start capturing.
With Zign Track Pro you can use up to eight cameras in real-time. Or, you can record your video in advance, load your video in Zign Track and process it.

Zign Track Pro’s improved interface

You can see the input from your cameras and see the captured motion on the face rig in the 3D preview in real-time. The build in tweak tools allow you to correct any motion or apply exaggeration before, during and after recording.

Select a marker layout from a list of presets or create your own custom layouts. Zign Track Pro automatically detects your markers as soon as they are visible. If small tracking errors occur, Zign Track Pro will detect these errors and correct them while you capture. Cleaning up errors yourself is hardly needed anymore.

Customizable marker layouts

You can select from different predefined marker layouts, or design your own layout that best suits your 3D character models. With Zign Track Pro you can use up to 44 markers in your layout.

With Zign Track Pro it is no longer needed to specify the placement of each marker in your video. Zign Track Pro will search for markers based on the selected marker layout and automatically detect them.

Multiple cameras

Zign Track Pro allows you to use multiple cameras in real-time. You can use up to eight cameras to increase the actor’s range of motion and improve the tracking accuracy.

You can arrange the cameras in any order, at any position. If you wish you can combine different types of camera (DV, HDV, webcam) or use the same type of camera for each input.

Common export formats

Zign Track Pro exports to the common motion capture formats BVH, TRC and C3D. These general motion capture formats contain bone or marker data and are supported by most 3D animation applications.

Zign Track Pro also exports to the morph based PZ2 file format for Poser® and DAZ Studio™, and a combined bone/pose driven ACT file format for Animation: Master.

Morph driven export

The exporter for Poser®, DAZ Studio™ and Animation: Master creates 70 base morphs based on the captured motion. You can use and combine as much of these morphs as you like to as many target morphs your model needs. This will give you maximum control over your morph based facial animations.

Real-time motion capture export stream

New in Zign Track Pro 2.1 is the real-time TCP/IP motion capture export stream. Using a simple protocol, software and plugin developers can use this to get the captured motion in real-time into their 3D application, engine or animatronics.
The TCP/IP connection makes it possible to stream the data to other computers over a network. A reference for the data protocol is available here. A test application for monitoring the data over a network can be downloaded here. Note: this application does not work with the trial version as the trials are export disabled.

Support for head mounted cameras

For optimal use of the video resolution of the Zign Cam SDmax head camera, Zign Track Pro supports live video input with 90° camera rotation. This eliminates the need to pre-record all footage, rotate and finally import. Now you can simply select the orientation (clockwise of counter clockwise) and start capturing in real-time.

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