Spring time discount: Complete MoCap package

Now you can get everything you need for facial motion capture in one package: Zign Track Pro, Zign Cam SDmax, a set of facial markers and skin-bond latex glue. For a limited time, this package is available at a very low price.

New website online

It was about time to build a new website. Everything appears to be working OK. If you find a problem on the new site, please let us know.

Head cam version 2

Version 2 of the head cam ‘Zign Cam SDmax’ is now ready. The rig on this helmet is better adjustable and much lighter, so its perfect for faster movements.

New product in the making

We are working on our new motion capture helmet. The first prototype is ready and working. The head cam is equipped with a 90° rotated SD camera and a wireless video transmitter. Pictures will be published soon.

Real-time motion data stream

Real-time motion capture export stream over TCP/IP added to Zign Track Pro.

Zign Track 2 / Pro released

Zign Track 2, A:M Track 2 and Zign Track Pro are released!

Beta progress

Beta testing Zign Track 2 is going well. We have been fixing quite a lot of problems in the beta versions (that’s what the beta versions are for) and we’re preparing it for the final release. The release was planned before the end of May, but we’re not going to make this on time. We’re […]

A:M Track 2 Beta

A:M Track 2 beta version is released.

Zign Track 2 / Pro Beta release

Zign Track 2 / Pro beta version is released.