Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about Zign Track 2 or Zign Track Pro, try to find the answer in this frequently asked questions section. If you still have questions after reviewing our answers, you can contact Zign Creations´ support any time.

I want to use a webcam for live motion capture. Which do you recommend?

We have best experience with the Logitech C920 webcams. Other webcams will suffice as well, but make sure you pick one with both a good resolution and frame rate.
Don‘t be fooled when they advertise with high resolutions and super clear video. Currently there are no web cams which can actually produce HD video and give a good frame rate at the same time. On HD resolution most web cams´ frame rates drop below 10 FPS, which is useless for motion capture. If they don‘t include the frame rate in the specifications, or only specify the maximum frame rate, this is usually a sign of poor performance when it comes to frame rate. Contact the manufacturer or reseller if you‘re unsure about a camera.

Does Zign Track 2 support the PS Eye camera?

Yes, you can use a PS Eye camera with Zign Track 2 and Zign Track Pro. Make sure you install the CL-Eye driver from Code Laboratories first.
We have added support for the PS Eye camera because many users asked for this. We must add that we do not recommend to use this camera at all, because of it’s poor video resolution and video quality. It does have a high frame rate but it does take a lot of lighting to get a decent image from this camera.

Does Zign Track do full-body motion capture as well?

No, the current version of Zign Track 2 / Pro does not support full-body motion capture.

What kind of markers should I use and where can I purchase them?

For Zign Track you can use many things as markers. The easiest to get are the small round label markers you can find in office supply stores, in many colors. Another option is to use small colored beads, or painted styrofoam beads. What also works very well are mini pom poms which are available in many colors and are very diffuse and therefore eliminate any specular highlights you would get if you would have used shiny plastic beads.

Don‘t forget the manual includes detailed information on how to choose and use your markers.

How can I use Zign Track with 3DS Max?

Although 3DS Max can not directly import the motion capture data from Zign Track, there are several methods to get it done:

Using Motion Builder
Autodesk´s MotionBuilder can import the BVH, C3D and TRC motion capture files exported by Zign Track.

Using BonyFace
FXlda´s BonyFace plugin for 3DS Max is a great tool to easily control facial animation. BonyFace imports BVH files from Zign Track and applies the motion capture data to your character. BonyFace is available here.

Using Max scripts
If you know your way around with Max scripts you can write your own importer for any of the formats Zign Track exports to. One of the 3DS Max users has written and shared a Max script to import the BVH data from Zign Track. You can download it here.

How can I use Zign Track with Maya?

The easiest way to get the motion capture data on your model in Maya is using Autodesk´s MotionBuilder. MotionBuilder can import the BVH, C3D and TRC motion capture files exported by Zign Track.

Another option is to use MEL scripts or plugins to import the motion capture data in Maya. You could write your own MEL scripts for this job, or use one of these already available:–3

Can I use BVH files from Zign Track in Poser?

Poser only understands full-body BVH files, not facial ones. That‘s why Zign Track exports to Poser PZ2 files as well. This will allow you to directly control your character´s facial morphs.

How do I update Zign Track 2 or Pro to the most recent version?

If you own a copy of Zign Track 2 or Zign Track Pro you can use the ‘check for updates’ function in the help menu to see if a new version is available for you. This will require an internet connection on the computer where you have installed Zign Track.
If you‘re still working with version 2.0, the update feature is not yet in the help menu. If this is the case, just contact us to request a download link while including your registration details for verification.

I own a copy of Zign Track 1. How can I upgrade to Zign Track 2 or Zign Track Pro?

Upgrading to version 2 or Pro is easy. You can find the upgrades here.

I don‘t have a PayPal account. Are there other ways to purchase your software?

You can pay using PayPal using a credit card without having to have a PayPal account. Follow the instructions on the PayPal log in page when processing your order.If PayPal is not working for you or if you prefer not to use PayPal, Zign Track 2 and Zign Track Pro are also available via our resellers. You can find our resellers here.

If you prefer to receive an invoice to be paid via bank transfer, use the contact form to place your order.