Complete Package

Everything you need to start capturing facial motion

Complete package

Now you can get everything you need for facial motion capture in one package:
Zign Track Pro, Zign Cam SDmax, a set of facial markers and skin-bond latex glue.

For a limited time, this package is available at a very low price.


Zign Track Pro

Zign Track Pro is the perfect facial motion capture solution for professionals. Capture and stream in real-time, from your desktop or studio.
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Zign Cam SDmax

Move freely, stream your facial footage to Zign Track Pro in real-time. This wireless head camera is the perfect solution for performance capture.
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Facial Markers

A set of 50 markers. These latex-rubber markers are reusable and stick very well with skin bond latex glue.

Note: not suitable for people with latex allergies.

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