Move freely while capturing in real-time.

The Zign Cam SDmax is developed to give the motion capture actor more freedom to move and act, while simultaneously capturing the facial footage. This head mounted camera can be used in combination with motion capture suits and optical full-body motion capture solutions.

For facial motion capture it is important to have reliable video footage of the actors face. You don’t want markers to go out of view or get blurry frames on fast movements. For this, the Zign Cam SDmax is the perfect solution.


The camera is rotated 90° to provide optimal use of the video resolution. Now the face can fill the entire frame and no pixels are wasted on the background. This means the effective resolution is much higher compared to standard orientation, providing even more tracking accuracy.

Build-in LED lights provide reliable lighting, making sure the markers are always lit. The wide dynamic range camera automatically adjust to changing light conditions in the environment, so you don’t have to worry about light while moving while performing motion capture.


The Zign Cam SDmax is equipped with an eight-channel wire video transmitter. This means you can use up to eight Zign Cams at the same time on the same set. The transmitter is equipped with a wired video output as well.

Receive & Capture

A video capture card/device with composite video input is required. We recommend Blackmagic Design Decklink video capture cards, although other capture devices can be used as well.
The eight-channel video receiver can be connected to the computer’s capture device.

On Screen Display Control

Use the buttons on the camera to access the advanced video control features. Control the exposure, white balance, dynamic range and many other settings from the on screen control.


The helmet comes in two sizes:

  • M: 55.5 – 57cm (21.9 – 22.5")
  • L: 57 – 59cm (22.5 – 23.2″)

Other sizes can be made available at request.

What’s included?

The Zign Cam SDmax comes with an eight-channel video receiver, Lithium-Ion battery (5 hours working time) and a Lithium battery charger.


  • A computer with video capture device (recommended: Decklink),
    which meets the requirements of Zign Track Pro and the capture device.
  • Zign Track Pro*

*The Zign Cam SDmax can be used with other video capture applications as well.

How to order

Contact us to request a quotation for the Zign Cam SDmax. Mention the desired helmet size and the shipping address.
We will provide a quotation shortly.