Hardware Development

For hardware and software development we now refer you to our partner company Zign Innovations.

Visit the website www.zigninnovations.com for more details.

Weather you want your idea for a product worked out or simply need a solution for a project, at Zign Innovations we like to help your ideas become reality. We have lots of experience in electronic design, hardware development and software development. Combine all of these and there are no obstacles left.
We build solutions for robotics, CNC, test and measurement devices, flight controllers, wireless communication and more. You name it, we design and build.

Electronic Design

We design the electronics for your product. From small miniature electronics to larger high-current products. We take all your design wishes into account. We can design for best quality and durability, best price or both.

PCB Design

The printed circuit board is designed to fit your needs and manufactured according to high quality and EMC standards.


The PCB assembled and electronically tested. For embedded systems firmware will be uploaded and tested as well. From this point the core of the product is ready to run.

Final Product

For most products the electronics need to be placed in a decent case. We look for the best cases to suit the product, or design a custom case.