Software development

At Zign Creations we have a long history of building software applications. We develop applications for the consumer market and custom build solutions for corporations. We like to think together with the client to find the best solutions, no matter how simple or complex. Our software can take your business or project to the next level.

We support all major platforms and combine web, mobile and desktop where needed. We can offer solutions for any kind of application from database applications to games. We specialize in complex and graphical solutions, like high speed complex algorithms, security and image recognition.

Desktop Applications

We develop applications for Windows, OSX and Linux. The applications can be build for a single platform or cross-platform.
We can protect your applications for unwanted copying with our proven copy protection system.

Web Applications

We develop web based applications for all major browsers. We can integrate solutions to your existing website or build a complete website. We keep your data safe by applying the best security measures available.

Mobile Applications

We develop mobile applications for phones and tablets. With the mobile devices becoming more and more powerful, we can get almost any kind of application running on them.
We target Andriod and iOS (iPhone), although we can develop for other platforms as well.